Hire Roddy Writes and you get me. Not someone who says they’re just like me, or someone who will pass things on to me. You get me. But I can only stretch so far so I limit my projects to ensure that when we do work together you get my best work and I get some sleep.




Think of me as a hired gun with access to an armory.


It all starts with me but the capabilities go much further and are very simple: 

creative + production +.

I have relationships with, and access to, the best creative minds in the business, no matter what part of the business it is—strategy, design, research, production, technology, experiential, film and video, editorial, music and any other best-in-class creative thinker and doer.


I can develop it and then, if and when needed, bring in best-in-class production to execute whatever a project requires—from films to events, websites to emails, anything to everything. 


But the good news is you only pay for what is needed. Unlike traditional full-service agencies that are fully staffed regardless of whether or not you need it (but you most certainly pay for it), Roddy Writes is an á la carte option based solely on the needs of the project (not the needs of an agency's CFO).



“We should take care not to make intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.”  —Albert Einstein


Every business needs a creative director, someone who can lead the internal culture to think and execute creatively, and ensure creative consistency. Creative Direction is about creative empowerment—showing an organization how to use creativity to drive success.


But not every business can install that person into their organization and that’s where Roddy Writes comes in. I offer virtual CD services that put me at the center of any business for creative implementation, oversight, thinking and development.


I can act as CD for businesses without one … or while a business looks for one (including helping to find the appropriate CD for a business).


  • Brand Manifestos

  • B2C and/or B2B

  • Websites

  • Content/Native

  • Experiential

  • Point of Sale

  • Internal Communications

  • Employee Engagement

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • Presentations

  • Film and Video

  • Blogs

  • Speeches

  • Articles

  • Product/Label Copy

  • Sales Materials

  • Brand/Product Naming

  • Tagline Development

  • Ideation/Brainstorming

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Advertising




Kevin Roddy 


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